The aims of are to:

The happenings of events are at the same time in the interest of the organizers, the participants and the local government. The happenings stimulate the economy (tourism) and the culture. offers an internet platform, which is rented by public administration. By renting the services of the public administration engages to collect and publish information about events. This is a service for the population.

For achieving the aims does not collect data from the users and does not depend on advertisements and their interests.

Why bapha.BE? Варна spelled in capitals is BAPHA, and BAPHA written in small letters is bapha. The interjection „.be/бе/ве“ was at the same time free, at good price and could be obtained without formalities.

For contacts: +359 988 362949 (mob), +49 911 13137989 (fixed), +49 176 9262 6190 (mob), e-mail, Dilyan Palauzov.