🗖Show the Events on Public Screens

https://bapha.be/t?d=12&l=bg,en shows the events that will happen within the next twelve days. Give that page some time, and it will change its content. This can be used to set up screens on public places, to the attention of pedestrians. The tourists will see in the bottom left corner the website with all events. This supports tourism.

Information, not available as events in the calendars, can also be displayed on the screens.

When a calendar is not selected at https://bapha.be, its events will be hidden under https://bapha.be/t .

&l=bg,en means to show the start and end times in Bulgarian and English.

The picture is of Railway Station Varna.

🌐︎ Ort Railway Station Varna

URL: https://bapha.be/t?d=12&l=bg,en

🕛︎Sonntag, 27. September 2020, 00:00 - Montag, 28. September, 00:00 OESZ

Wiederholungen monatlich, am Tag: 27

Erstellt am 07. September 2020, 20:19

Letzte Änderung am 25. Januar 2021, 10:41

Nächte Wiederholung 🕛︎Freitag, 27. August 2021, 00:00 - Samstag, 28. August, 00:00 OESZ

Verknüpfung zum Kalender https://bapha.be/?d=2021-08-27&id=a9c4f0ff50579d27013f79877b372e0f915f6b5e3R20210827&cal=1

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