What makes bapha.be unique?

Bapha.be does at the same time:
• offers a website for showing events
• offers data for the events in standard format, iCalendar/CalDAV, which can be displayed in other software, so that information about the events can be seen without visiting a website
• offers the possibility to display the entered events on screens, which change its content
• does not collect user data (cookies) and does not depend on advertisements

The finance is covered by the municipalities, where the events happen.  The municipalities engage theirselves to keep the information up to date, and to create equal conditions for everybody to enter new events.  By keeping complete, acknowledged source of information about events, the organizers can reduce their costs for advertisement.

Wann Mittwoch, 23. September 2020

Wiederholungen monatlich, immer am 23. Tag des Monats

Erstellt am Freitag, 11. September 2020 um 22:57:32 OESZ

Letzte Änderung am Samstag, 14. Mai 2022 um 20:45:49 OESZ

Nächte Wiederholung Dienstag, 23. Juli 2024

Verknüpfung zum Kalender https://bapha.be/?d=2024-07-23&id=d4a58cf8c92c4233043f472ddeddc80e3be43ad8R20240723&cal=1

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